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Women’s Breslov Shabbaton & Healing Retreat Aug. 17-19

by breslov.org

At BRI Women’s 2nd Annual Elul Retreat
at the Spectacular Vallevue Estate, Morristown, NJ

Stay for the Entire Healing Shabbaton or Come for the Sunday Healing Retreat

Our exciting line-up of teachers includes: 
World-renowned speaker Rabbi Jonathan Rietti. BRI Women’s Chaya Rivka Zwolinski. BRI’s Yossi Katz and Fraidy Katz, and functional medicine certified health and wellness coach, Georganne Backman Garfinkel.

Classes, Workshops and Talks: Breslov meditation, healthy eating, healing our emotions/emotional wellness, healing relationships, healing from cancer, Rebbe Nachman’s stories, preparing for Rosh Hashana and much more.

Time for You: Learn, meditate, swim, sing, and just relax, too. Join a diverse group of inspired, like-minded women and experience the healing power of Rebbe Nachman’s teachings in a beautiful natural setting.

Full Healing Shabbaton (Including Sunday Day Retreat) $450 /$499

Sunday Healing Retreat $99 if you register before Aug 15, $110 after Aug 15.

Email BRIWomen@breslov.org, call BRI Women at 347-471-1098 or click here for more information or to register.
Last year we sold out—so make sure to reserve your space today!

Shabbaton sign in starts at 2 pm on Friday, August 17. Sunday sign in starts with brunch at 9:00 am, August 19, first speaker of the day is Rabbi Rietti at 10:15. Vallevue Estate is at 33 Picatinny Rd Morristown New Jersey.

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SHABBATON Includes Sunday Program; Friday afternoon, August 17 – Sunday afternoon August 19

The Shabbaton includes a full-Shabbat experience: all meals and snacks, comfortable lodging, singing, sharing and more.

There will be classes with Rabbi Yossi Katz on Preparing for the New Year, as well as other Torah talks throughout the day.

Friday night we’ll have a participatory workshop on Rebbe Nachman’s stories with Chaya Rivka Zwolinski.

On Shabbat day we’ll have a hitbodedut (Chassidic Meditation) workshop with Chaya Rivka with a discussion, relaxing meditation, and plenty of time for you to experience hitbodedut yourself in a beautiful natural settting.
Motzaei Shabbat (Saturday night) we’ll have a Malava Malka bonfire –just like last year—with singing and discussion led by Fraidy Katz.

Check in begins at 3:00 pm on Friday, please arrive no later than one hour before candle-lighting. If you come earlier, you’ll have the chance to grab a nosh, meet teachers and other participants, and explore the estate.

7:35 pm Candle lighting

9:04 pm Havdallah

SUNDAY PROGRAM Sunday, August 19

9:00 am-12:00 The Sunday healing retreat begins with a lavish brunch.

10:15-11:00  World-renowned lecturer Rabbi Jonathan Rietti on how to heal our emotions, in An Antidote to Anger. He’ll help us understand this powerful emotion and what we can do to heal ourselves and our relationships.

11:15-12:00 Chaya Rivka Zwolinski, Director of BRI Women and teacher at BreslovCampus.org will be teaching Joy: The Key to Healing. You’ll learn why joy is vital to healing and explore Rebbe Nachman’s psychospiritual teachings on how to heal sadness and create healing joy in your life.

12:00-12:45  Break for swimming, enjoying the outdoors and meeting new friends. Tea Table and snacks available. Breslov book sale.

1:00-1:45 Georganne Backman Garfinkel, FMCHC, CBE, Lecturer; Functional Medicine, Certified Health and Wellness Coach; Cancer and Nutrition Researcher will offer a fascinating glimpse into The Healing Power of Eating: Breslov, Functional Medicine and Food. You’ll take home new insights into how eating affects you—mind, body and soul and what you can do to begin eating with a new awareness.

2:00-3:15 Chaya Rivka Zwolinski, will lead a relaxing workshop in Healing Hitbodedut. Learn about hitbodedut, the power of breathing, and more. You’ll have time to meditate out of doors in a beautiful natural setting (or in doors if you prefer.)

3:15-3:45 BRI Book Sale

3:45-4:00 Raffle You do NOT want to miss the BRI Women RAFFLE! Women attending the Shabbaton have donated beautiful prizes—you might win! Two Tichels (Headscarves)—Miriam Berezin from Miriam’s Boutique; Handmade Glass Mezuzzah Case—Basya Freidl (Diane) Rich, Breslov Books from BRI (Breslov Research Institute); and more.

*All times are approximate, schedule is subject to change.

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View the inspirational lecture given by Rabbi Jonathan Rietti at last year’s program.

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