Our work on the first ever English/Hebrew Breslov Siddur is just about complete!  B’Ezrat HaShem, by Tish’a B’Av, we expect to be ready for print. We thank our many friends and supporters who made this possible.

During the course of working on this project, we decided to add many prayers that were not originally included. We now invite you, to partner with us by sponsoring these additional prayers.

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Siddur Introduction:

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  1. Dr. Harold G. Bissonnet, Jr. Reply

    I truly love my Jewish brethren as I am a Christian. From my father’s childhood the Jewish peoples have always been a part of my life and my immediate family’s life. My dad’s best friend growing up, here in Houston, Texas, was Jewish. I personally have had some of my closest and dearest of friends have been Jewish as well as colleagues, patients, etc. I try to support Jewish causes as I can afford. I had to cut my career short due to a spinal injury, but I still contribute as I am able. I would like to support the Siddur project but all of the contributions are $500 or more. If you would accept half of that would be wonderful. Please I pray that this is not insulting to you, it’s just all I can give right now.

    Gods peace to this world,

    Harold Bissonnet

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