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BRI Pesach Project

by breslov.org


We are raising $148,000 to help needy Breslov families celebrate Pesach!


Inflation is rising, prices are skyrocketing and salaries are being cut – this is the situation that thousands of Breslov families are struggling to deal with.

We at BRI have the privilege of serving as the bridge between you – who have experienced the light of the Tzaddik, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov – and between his chassidim who are living in the Holy Land and are struggling with poverty, but who are nevertheless happy with their lot.

Barukh Hashem, last year, with your help, we had the tremendous merit to distribute a significant sum to 430 families!

Sadly, the requests are increasing, and we don’t want to turn anyone away.

Only with your help, will we succeed.

Why now?

Because in just 30 days from today it will already be the eve of Bedikat Chametz, and we want to be ready in time to distribute charity to the needy families, so that they’ll be able to prepare for the Pesach holiday with joy.

Moreover, there is a special mitzvah to give tzedakah specifically today, as Chazal state in Berakhot 6b, that the main reward for the fast is the mitzvah of tzedakah that is done in the course of it.

As much as you give – that’s what we’ll be able to distribute.

It all depends on you!

Adopt a family, or two, or five or even ten!

Or just give what you can.

We will transfer the charity on your behalf to these families.

Reb Noson writes in his prayer on the topic of Giving Charity on Behalf of the Land of Israel:

“Have compassion on me, save me and help me give a great deal of charity—in particular, on behalf of the Land of Israel. May I always engage in charity and kind  deeds—in particular, charity for the Land of Israel. This may involve donating my own money beyond my means for the Land of Israel, or working assiduously to raise many donations for the Land of Israel to support the worthy poor who live there in utter poverty, lacking  all things, without bread or clothing in their homes. Master of the world, You know their great affliction and suffering. They are literally bloated from hunger. ‘Their skin is shriveled on their bones, as dry as wood.’ You Who are filled with compassion, You Who have mercy on the poor, have compassion on them and on us. Help us engage a great deal in charity for the Land of Israel in ultimate truth, without any ulterior motives or extraneous thoughts of self-aggrandizement at all. Help us and save us so that we will strengthen the hands of the wretched poor, the worthy impoverished people who dwell in the Holy Land, the Land of Israel. As a result of our doing so, may the pathways of our heart be opened to receive the flames of holy love, so that our heart will burn fervently and yearn for You with great love and intense desire. As a result of this charity, may I form a vessel to receive the abundance of supernal pleasantness with great holiness and purity, until I feel the pleasantness and wondrous sweetness of Your holy Torah. May all of my lusts be eradicated.”


Be one of the first to donate to this great mitzvah!

Bring light and salvation to as many families as possible.

And with Hashem’s help, may we all come together and sacrifice the holy Pesach offering in the Third Beis HaMikdash speedily in this month of Nissan.

“In Nissan the Jews were redeemed, and in Nissan they will be redeemed.”

Chaim Kramer

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