“Psalms that Speak to You” is a new translation of Tehillim designed to kindle a flame of worldwide connection to the Psalms and help all English speakers find themselves in its words by saying them with understanding and feeling. It is produced by R’ Yitzchok Leib Bell, who has been closely involved with BRI since its inception some thirty five years ago.

His works for BRI include “Between me and You” and “Healing Leaves”, whilst he has alsovedited a number of BRI books and given shiurim for Breslov Campus. This sefer has been acknowledged as groundbreaking by Rabbonim worldwide; for example, Rabbi Eytan Feiner of New York wrote that it would forever change the way we say our Tehillim.

Mishpacha magazine has included a feature article about the book by Jonathan Rosenblum and can be found at http://www.mishpacha.com/Browse/Article/7226/Speak-to-Hashem.

For more information and to purchase, please visit: tehillimtoday.com

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