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But The Gates Were Closed…

by breslov.org

The following transcription was taken from Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld’s lecture given after his blocked attempt to reach Rebbe Nachman’s grave in 1974.

Halacha requires that a person should stand at the time this Korban is being sacrificed, and it is as if this person is standing in the Beis Hamikdash (temple). This is the power of “shlucho kamoisoi“. (One’s agent is considered like oneself)

Reb Noson Zal said that this too can be done with the Tziyun (gravesite) of Rabeinu Zal.

A person going to the Tziyun can go as a shaliach, a messenger, for others to say the Tikkun Haklali there and do Tefilla for them.

It is considered as if the others were standing there.

Min HaTorah (according to Torah law), just like it is considered that the person is standing in the Beis Hamikdash by his Korban (sacrifice), so too with the Tikkun Haklali it is considered as though the person stood by the Tziyun and said the Tikkun Haklali.

This is what we were hoping for [when we went], but it was not the Will of Heaven to fulfil it and, very briefly we just said it.

Before I left I took a list of names. I would say about four fifths of you here were on that list to say the Tikkun Haklali for them at the Tziyun.

The trip to Uman was not culminated successfully, but at least we were close to Uman.

We went from Kiev, about a three hour ride to Uman. The car drove up to the gates of Uman.

We saw the big sign at the entrance that said “UMAN”, we drove past this and then the wicked people stopped us.

It was obviously the Will of Hashem.

Whatever it is, yemach shmom, these rishoim (evil ones) stopped us. We don’t know why, there could be a lot of reasons in Heaven for it.

We wanted [to arrive there], Hashem wants that we should want, we find that Rabeinu Zal says that Hashem wants that we should want even more!

Perhaps this trip came so easily that it might not have been with too much kavono.

In any event, picture in your minds that the Torah says that Hashem accepts the Tefila of a Lev Nishbar, a broken heart, more than any other type of Tefila in existence, more than the Tefila of Moshe Rabeinu, more than the Tefila of Dovid Hamelech, [He accepts] the Tefila of a broken heart, a Tefilas Oni.

The Tikkun Haklali was not said at the Tziyun, but it was said by the gates of Uman.

It must have been said with much more kavono (intention), much more of a broken heart than had it been said at the Tziyun.

It was again repeated in Kiev, so I would say that you were not let down.

Let’s hope that this will be the forerunner [of more trips].

It’s very nice to have someone to say it for you, but it’s better if you are there yourself. I hope that this broken heart will be mended, and this tragic occurrence will be made up for by Hashem’s Mercies and that we will have an open path to the Tziyun very shortly.

We should be able to fulfil the Mitzvah of davening with true kavono at the Tziyun of Rabeinu Hakadosh, Rabeinu Zal, this year with all Am Yisroel.

We should all merit to a Shono Tova Umesooka, Amen!

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