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Chaim Kramer – Parshat Chukat

by Chaim Kramer

Chaim Kramer discusses the weekly Torah portion, Parshat Chukat. We learn that the ashes of the parah adama (the red heifer) make the pure impure and the impure pure, a concept that Rebbe Nachman explains in Likutey Moharan 55. The discussion continues with the story of Moshe Rabbeinu striking the rock; Moshe coming to the area controlled by the Edomites; the Jews getting tired of the manna, the attack of the snakes, and the brass serpent; Sichon and Og;  and the lessons we can learn from these and other Torah events.

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Ty June 30, 2017 - 1:31 pm

Amen! Especially great one this week! Thanks for posting!


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