Chaim Kramer – Parshat Tetzaveh

written by Chaim Kramer | February 21, 2021

Chaim Kramer Parshat Tetzaveh

In this week’s Torah video, Reb Chaim Kramer discusses the weekly portion, Tetzaveh through the lens of Breslov Chassidut. Learn about the pure oil of the menorah, and the connection regarding the midrash on the nature of the Jewish people which is like an olive tree and olive oil, and more. Reb Chaim explains the problem of assimilation, the many wars against and attacks on the Jews over time, and how the Jewish people miraculously rebuilt themselves again and again. We learn about the kohanim and their special begadim (clothing) and the spiritual correction each item of clothing effected as well as the korbanot (sacrifices) of all the kohanim and each Jew.

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