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Chametz and Immoral Thoughts

by Sarah Nechama

At the end of this week’s Torah reading we find the verse, “You shall not see for you chametz on Pesach” (Exodus 13:7).  Our Sages comment: “You shall not see for you,” but if the chametz belongs to a non-Jew, you may see it (Pesachim 5b). Reb Noson explains that in the main, chametz refers to the foreign and immoral thoughts that plague a person. “His mind becomes fermented with impure thoughts.” But when a person makes every attempt to strengthen his mind against these thoughts, then that chametz is compared to chametz that belongs to a non-Jew. The person is considered as keeping the mitzvah of distancing himself from chametz. May HaShem guard and protect us from these foreign thoughts and purify our minds and thoughts. Amen.

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I am happy to share my present simchah with our friends. My granddaughter, who was married last year, gave birth to a baby boy! Our great-grandchild #22! Thank HaShem may His name be praised. May there be complete healing and abundant parnosa and loads and loads of joy for each and every one of us, Amen.

Good news! The 148 leaders campaign has yielded fruits and, as of today, the entire set of the Likutey Moharan is presently available. It is being shipped to the USA now. May HaShem help us to complete the reprint of all the books.

Deepest thanks to all those partners who have participated and helped us to do this mitzvah.

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