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Confronting the Darkness

by Dovid Mark
Confronting the Darkness

There are moments when our worldview becomes dimmed and our path forward seems blocked and filled with darkness.  These are moments that fill us with dread and so we stand afar, failing to move forward and continuing on our journey.

Yet, the darkness before us, the fear that fills us hides a tremendous light –  the light and will of the Creator.  It is HaShem who is within our darkest moments.  He is begging us to face these trials head on and not turn back.

“The people kept their distance and Moshe entered the mist where God was.” (Exodus 20:18)

While Am Yisrael stood back, it was Moshe Rabbeinu who entered the darkness of the midst on Har Sinai “where God was.” All of our experiences, whether good or seemingly bad are expressions of the Creator’s will.  Our challenge is seeing that God is as much within our tests as he is in other situations.

How do we handle those times when we are torn between moving forward into the abyss of the unknown and the comfort of standing back and waiting?

The answer is – to desire.

We must yearn to move forward no matter how difficult and know that God is everywhere, even in the darkest moments.  Our tests are given to us to teach us that what prevents us is not our external challenges, but rather the stumbling blocks within.

The da’as, consciousness of every yid is drawn from the soul of Moshe Rabbeinu –  we are all interconnected.  To walk into the darkness requires us to tap into that part of ourselves that is interlinked with Moshe Rabbeinu – that expression which is boundless and exists on the level where everything is good –  even the abyss that threatens to engulf us, because even there God exists.

(Based on Likutey Moharan Lesson 115)

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