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Count For Yourself – Iyar #1

by Yehudis Golshevsky

A Sacred Time – Iyar #1

The most central mitzvah of the month of Iyar is Sefirat Ha’omer. Reb Nosson, z”l, explains that each person is commanded to count for himself for a reason: each person is an individual world, a completely different universe. We cannot fathom our true level or that of our friend; it depends on so many factors. How hard was it to climb to one’s present level? Surely the more one worked, the greater one’s stature, but we have no way of knowing how difficult another toiled nor can we perceive even our own spiritual rank.

When expressing our utter lack of understanding in this regard, Rebbe Nachman said, “We know nothing at all.”

This explains why this mitzvah is incumbent on every individual. Firstly, this shows that we count. Our spiritual struggles have their own special meaning. Secondly, we cannot judge our achievements based on where it appears others stand. Our challenge is tailor-made for each of us. We cannot be compared to anyone else.

Hashem, please let me see the vast importance of my every spiritual motion. All the worlds depend on each of us, and our every effort is priceless. When I really understand this, I will understand the preciousness of every instant and work to ensure that every second counts!

Sefirat HaOmer (the counting of the Omer offering) is the counting period between the second night of Pesach and the day before Shavuot – a period of 49 days. Each night, we verbally count the days that have accumulated between these two holidays. [Count the Omer]


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