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by Meir Elkabas

Without Reb Noson’s explication of Likutey Moharan, much of Rebbe Nachman’s deeper meaning would be obscured, perhaps most of all for the more complex lessons. Lesson 66 is one of those lessons whose riches might have remained hidden without Reb Noson’s Likutey Halachot.

Last semester, Reb Meir Elkabas taught Lesson 66; this semester, he’ll shift directly to Reb Noson’s vibrant exploration of many aspects upon aspects of this Torah. Join Jerusalem-based teacher, Reb Meir, for a class that will alter your perceptions and open the door to your bond with the true Tzaddikim, and help you prepare, day by day, to receive the Torah.

Topics include:

  • How to Prepare for Lag B’Omer, Day by Day
  • Sefirat HaOmer
  • The 13 Attributes of Compassion
  • Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
  • The Process of Preparing for Shavuot, Day by Day
  • Today’s Main Salvation—the Graves of the True Tzaddikim
  • Don’t Stop Yearning

And much more…

How to participate:

Use this link now to log into your live class or save it to log into the course in the future:


If you would prefer to listen to the class on the phone, call:

New York: +1 (917) 338-1451

For Other Countries: – See Global Access Numbers

When prompted, dial this code: 912557#

Currently available for iPhone – iPad – Android – BlackBerry

  1. Click on your device type above.
  2. Download the ClickMeeting Mobile App.
  3. Login by using access code: Meeting ID: 463-852-658


Class 1 - April 22, 2018

Class 2 - May 13, 2018

Class 3 - May 27, 2018

Class 4 - June 6 2018


Sunday, 10:00 AM EST – 5:00 PM Israel Time


Sunday April 22 through Sunday June 10 (no class May 20)


Beginner through advanced, everyone’s welcome. No previous class attendance is required.


Meir Elkabas


Likutey Halachot, Yoreh De’ah, Part I, Hilchot Hechsher Keilim

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