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Dear Friend – Help Pray (UPDATED)

by Chaim Kramer

When Reb Noson’s followers asked him how they should pray for him, he replied: “Mention the merits I had in producing Rebbe Nachman’s works.”

In the past thirty-four years of publishing Rebbe Nachman’s teachings, I’ve met many, many people who have sacrificed a lot to help produce these works. But, to my knowledge, no one has sacrificed as much as my wife, GITA GINENDEL bat ZIPPORAH, since our entire house, the raising of our children and everything else in our lives, fell upon her.

At this time, she is in great need of your prayers for a complete healing. A tumor has been discovered—thank God an operable one (Tuesday, May 28th)—but the need for prayers to effect a complete healing are desperately needed.

While we’re at it, my daughter, Zivia Adil bat Gita Ginendel, has surgery scheduled for May 30—removal of a cyst.

We thank you in advance for your prayers and concern, and wish all of you good health and success.

Thank you, Chaim Kramer

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