Deep Waters


Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…

“Reb Nosson wrote: “The Rebbe’s words are simple and direct as can be and they are relevant for every single person. Even so, despite their simplicity, they are drawn from the wellsprings of salvation, from ‘deep waters—the counsel in a man’s heart.’ (Proverbs 20:5) So deep are the Rebbe’s teachings and advice that even one who is floundering in deep water—one whom the flood waters have washed over—can find G-d, even there. Through crying out and sighing, through good desires and yearnings, and by encouraging ourselves with every good point we have, we can draw nearer to G-d, wherever we may be!””
(Healing Leaves, p. 113)


What does this mean to me?
When people ask me what is so special about Breslov, I can hardly answer the question—Rebbe Nachman’s path is so deep that it is hard to confine it to a limiting definition. One short statement that Rebbe Nachman made is very telling, though. He said to his students, “I want you to aspire to the highest of levels and not fall from the lowest level.” Meaning, even on the lowest level it is still possible to come close to G-d, and there is no reason to fall away entirely even if we disappoint ourselves so badly. The great chizuk-encouragement—that we learn from Rebbe Nachman’s teachings carry us through, wherever we go.


A prayer:


O G-d,
I can never thank You enough for leading me toward
the path to wholeness in life;
You’ve shown me how to make my desires
akin to Your Will.
The way
to rectification and renewal, to deep solace and healing,
to meaning and eternal tranquility—
is only through actively seeking Your Will.
Thank You, G-d, for leading me
to that understanding.

(From The Gentle Weapon*, p. 113)

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So beautiful, I speak the same words to my soul, each day: never leave me, stay close I need you. I am nothing without you… forever I strive to cling to you. All the time, everywhere, whatever my challenges I know you are there. Nudge me, alert me so that I never forget that you are there.

They are always uplifting and helpful. And above all always say the right thing at the right time. This week’s lesson related very much to my life this past week. Thank you.

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*“The Gentle Weapon: Prayers for Everyday and Not-So-Everyday Moments – Timeless Wisdom from the Teachings of the Hasidic Master, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov” by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, Adapted by Moshe Mykoff & S.C. Mizrahi with the Breslov Research Institute, 1999.  Permission granted by Jewish Lights Publishing, Woodstock, VT,