The world is founded on Truth, but sometimes we have a hard time discerning Truth which has been tainted by Falsehood from Real Truth.

Our souls were sent down to a very confusing world.  We are often lost within the misplaced choices that we take because it is so hard to decide and clarify Truth from Falsehood.

We must clarify Truth from Falsehood within us and recognize it is in fact the Holy Creator – Hashem Yisborach who has placed all of these stumbling blocks, confusions, and falsehoods in front of us in order to give us the opportunity to clarify the Real Truth from the False Truth.

Based on Otzar HaYira Emes 42

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  1. Mel Macholla Reply

    I believe here on earth is the devils playground and we are here to choose which way we wish to live .
    In a positive life with Gods grace ,or a negative life with possible material wealth basic the reward for hving turned to worship the one we call the Devil.In all life forms is the positive and negative without this basic principle we do not exist neither do other life forms on our planet.
    We need challenges in our lives to progress spiritually ,to learn our lessons and gain strength from having overcome the obstacles in our path of life.As long as we have faith in God ,love our neighbours,forgive those that do us wrong we may one day have peace on earth again.

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David Mark or "Reb Dovid" as many call him is a prolific writer and informal educator, focusing on the merger of Chassidic thought and the Land of Israel. He received his rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Brovender and Rabbi Nechemia Goldberg. He is currently one of the writers and editors at Breslov Research Institute. He teaches Breslov Chassidus in the American program in the Hesder Yeshiva of Otniel as well as in various settings in Jerusalem and the wider Judea and Samaria area.

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