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Discovering the Infinite Light Within Creation

by Dovid Mark

The will of God flows throughout the Creation.  This Infinite Will or Light is like an engine – powering the Creation both in a general sense as well as each specific part and yet it remains hidden just beyond the thin veil of this world.

Despite our souls being rooted in the world of faith – the world beyond – where everything is one, we are kept from directly interacting with the Infinite Light that exists just beyond our conscious grasp. However, our “distance” exists in our minds alone – for God is everywhere and nothing is free of his presence.

So how do we break through? How do we shatter the mental barrier between our inner connection and external entrapments?

The Tzaddik.

The Tzaddik has already broken through the walls of illusion that stand before all of us in order to uncover the Divine Will that exists within all aspects of Creation.

The Tzaddik’s role is to blaze the path before us and lead us through and beyond our psychological maze of disconnection, false perceptions, and mental confusions. Despite the Tzaddik’s necessity as our guide, his way is not to be him, but for each one of us to discover ourselves within the path he has blazed.

The path is arduous and the journey may seem long with many lifetimes wrapped up within it, but the moment we step onto it the will of the Creator will begin to be revealed to us and our own Tzaddik within will finally become unleashed.

(Based on Likutey Moharan 17;  Likutey Halachot Birchat HaShachar Halacha 5.41-42)


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