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Do Not Fear | Lekutey Maharan Tinyana Lesson 48

by Shaya Sussman


Full Shiur:

How is it possible to continue to persevere? How do we mark failure? How do you measure success? Fear is one of the main emotions that stops a person from succeeding. In the lesson Rebbe Nachman teaches we have nothing to be scared of.

Lekutey Maharan Tinyana Lesson 48

Topics Discussed:
Rebbe Nachman’s role in addressing mental health issues.
Never giving up
The key to success
The need for encouragement.
The illusion of our minds
How every descent is really an ascent.
Expanded states of consciousness
How God is always bringing the world to a better place.
The Inside-out nature of the human experience.
The delicate balance of this world.

Emor Parsha Connection: The Kohen needed to teach his child about his unique specialness in order to educate him not to touch a dead body (tamei meis).

Lag Ba’omer Connection: Rebbe Nachman brought the teachings of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai down to our level.

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