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Dvar Torah for Parshat Chukat

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Dvar Torah for Parshat Chukat

Based on Chayei Moharan #83*

At the beginning of the summer of 5564/1804 Rebbe Nachman prefaced the following vision by saying, “I will tell you what I saw. And you tell your children.” We present here the beginning of that vision, with some of Reb Noson’s corresponding comments.

There was someone lying on the ground, and around him people were sitting in a circle. Around this circle was another circle; around that circle was another circle, and so on, many circles. Then around them were sitting yet more people in no particular order.

The one sitting in the middle was leaning on his side, moving his lips. All those around were moving their lips after him. After this I looked and the one in the middle was not there. All those sitting around stopped moving their lips. “What is this?” I asked. They answered me that he had become cold and had expired and he had stopped speaking.

Rabbi Noson writes:
All this I heard directly from his holy lips. He said that all his lessons contain references to this vision, and that the entire lesson Nine Tikkunim (Likutey Moharan I, Lesson #20) is a commentary on it. One with understanding will see in that lesson numerous remarkable references to the vision…

Regarding the person sitting on the ground who disappeared because he had become cold and expired, this is the same concept as “the soul wracked by suffering” referred to in the lesson. This suffering is characterized in the Mishnah, “You will eat bread with salt (Avot 6:4). The Mishnah continues, “and you will sleep on the earth.” Perhaps the person lying on the ground is an allusion to this Mishnah.
The people surrounding him, in circles and beyond, in no particular order, parallels the concept of how everyone receives from the pain-wracked soul. This is because this soul is the source of all Torah explanations. The way all the people were moving their lips is, perhaps, an allusion to this: they were revealing Torah explanations. This is why when the one in the middle became cold and expired, all the others stopped moving their lips and speaking. For when this soul becomes cold, i.e. departs, there is no strength to draw forth Torah explanations, as explained in Lesson #20. If you examine the vision and the lesson in great detail you will be able to understand more awe inspiring allusions.
agutn Shabbos!

Shabbat Shalom!
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*In the Breslov Research edition of Chayei Moharan, Tzaddik, this is found in #209. The translation there has been edited for this dvar Torah.

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