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Earning your World in an Hour! – starting at $180

by breslov.org
Every “ruble” counts!!! – starting at $18

“Rebbi (Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi) once wept and said: “A man can earn his world in an hour” (Avodah Zarah 17b).

This refers to one’s eternal world. A person can acquire his eternal reward in one hour, through a single deed that he fulfills with self-sacrifice.

In the above quote, Rebbi is referring to literal self-sacrifice; however, Rebbe Nachman explains in Likutey Moharan II, 46, that when a person parts from his wealth which he accrued through great effort, and gives it to charity, he is actually sacrificing a part of himself. This is all the more so regarding charity that inspires all people to draw closer to Hashem.

We are now calling on you to partner with us for the sum of just $180 a month, to cover one hour of work toward the huge, transformational English Likutey Halakhot project. This includes all the work of the writers, translators, editors, graphic designers and several scholars who study and labor over the material, discussing it together, in order to reach a final product that is as clear and accurate as possible, while still being easy to understand for all.

We need a total of 140 partners, and you could be one of them! (We are seeking monthly support for this project, trying not to burden anyone with yearly payments.)

By joining us in the 180$ partnership level, you will also be given a dedication in the book you have helped sponsor.

 To Join click HERE:

Foundation Sponsorship – 7,200 = 40 monthly hours
Pillar Sponsorship – 3,600 = 20 monthly hours
Supporter Sponsorship – 1,800 = 10 monthly hours
Super Friend Sponsorship – 720 = 3 monthly hours
Special Friend Sponsorship – 360 = 2 monthly hours
Appreciated Friend Sponsorship  – 180 = 1 monthly hour

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