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Elul Book Sale

by Yossi Katz

I heard this from the Rebbe’s own holy lips:

It is customary to recite the Tikkuney Zohar… during the month of Elul.

The Rebbe said, “The melody of the Tikkuney Zohar and the fatigue resulting from staying so late in the study hall are all taken on high and made into great and lofty things” (Reb Noson, Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom #294).

Reb Noson also said:

“Even just reciting the teachings of Rebbe Nachman; Likutey Moharan, The Aleph-Beth Book, Rabbi Nachman’s Stories and his conversations [found in Rabbi Nachman’s Wisdom and Tzaddik] – is a tremendous segulah (potent power), similar to reciting the Zohar and Tikkunim.” He added: “It is a great mitzvah to recite them all in the month of Elul [and the Days of Awe]. It helps tremendously [to purify the soul, preparing it for the Days of Judgment]” (Kokhavey Ohr, p. 77f #26, 27).

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