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Erecting the Mishkan – Proper Leadership

by Chaim Kramer

This weeks Parshahs speak about building the Mishkan and the making of the clothing of the Kohanim.

It is basically a repetition of Terumah and Tetzavah but the difference is that when the actual building took place.

Why the necessity to repeat so much?

However this seeming repetition takes place after Parshat Ki Tisa.

Meaning, due to the forgiveness effected by Moshe Rabeinu’s prayers, Hashem ordered the Jews to build a Mishkan.

Thus, it was to show that through Moshe’s prayers and self-sacrifice are the Parashahs of Vayakhel-Pekudey written.

Another point: the Zohar shows the connection between the human organs and the components of the Mishkan. For e.g. the heart is the Ark, the head is the Menorah etc.

Meaning, that everyone can build their own “personal” Mishkan by sanctifying himself properly.

Thus, the building of a sanctuary is the building of ourselves.

This also means that with our physical activities too we can build a type of Mishkan too.

This is of course if a person is doing things right.

Regarding the concept of the holy garments of the Kohanim, this opens us up to the concept of garments.

The body is technically a garment to the soul.

However the true garments of the soul are made when a person does Mitzvot with his physical body – this is a true garment.

Another point about these Parashiyot coming after Ki Tissa, is that we find at the end of the parashah that only Moshe Rabeinu could assemble and erect the Mishkan.

The Jews put so much effort and toil in making the various components, but only Moshe Rabeinu could initiate it’s establishment (afterwards in the sojourning in the desert, the Jews were able to erect the Mishkan, but the initial time was done by Moshe alone).

This is to show us that we need to follow the tzaddikim – let them initiate. This then lets us to do things right and properly in life.


מאמרים קשורים

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