The tribe associated with the month of Kislev is that of the youngest of Yaakov’s children, Benjamin, Ben-Yemin—the “son of the right-hand side.” Rashi explains that the land of Israel embodies the aspect of the “right hand side,” and that one implication of Binyamin’s name is that he was the child of Yaakov’s re-entry into the land and that he expresses the essence of the land.
Reb Nosson explains that the main place to receive proper advice is in Israel. This doesn’t necessarily mean financial advice, or even personal guidance. Figuring out what we came to this world to accomplish and how to go about it is the main kind of advice that we need. The hardest thing for a person to endure is being unsure; not knowing what needs to be done or how to do it. Our sages say there is no joy like the resolution of doubts.

There are so many obstacles to spiritual advancement. If I only knew how to properly navigate them I would finally find out who I am and what I’m meant to achieve in this world. Kislev is the month when the “deep waters” of right advice flow strongest—may the spirit of Binyamin carry it toward me.

Master of the world: grant me guidance so I discern how to remove my many barriers to spiritual advancement with fitting advice. Direct me to the right people and places that can help me discover how to uncover the real me, the person I am meant to become on my sojourn in this world. 

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Yehudis Golshevsky

Yehudis in her own words: When I first began learning Rebbe Nachman’s teachings with my husband and other teachers, I felt as though I had come home to the personal and vital relationship with G-d that I’d always sought. Today, a large part of my inspiration comes from helping other Jewish women discover their own spiritual potential through the meaningful teachings of Breslov Chassidut.

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