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The following is a new series based on Alim Leterufah, The Collected Letters of R’ Nosson, most of which are addressed to his son, R’ Yitzchok. Alim Leturufah is available from BRI as Eternally Yours.

This is the web address for the publication: https://breslov.org//bookstore/inspirational/eternally-yours-the-collected-letters-of-reb-noson-volume-2/prod_35.html

As in the Meshivas Nefesh series, they are not meant to be translations, but to help convey the practical messages of the letters.

Dear Son,
When one looks very well, he can see every day how God is causing the solution to our problems to sprout forth. We say in the Shemonah Esrei/Amidah prayer three times a day, ????? ??? ?????” – God causes salvation to sprout.” We even start praying with ????? ?????” – He causes salvation to sprout” and before the Shema we also say “ ????? ??????.“

We must certainly believe what we are saying with all our hearts. Hashem is sprouting forth our deliverance every day, at all times. Someone who pays attention can see a little bit from afar. Even though we are still far from the complete solution, we can still gather a lot of encouragement from what we’ve just discussed, by believing that Hashem is always ????? ??????.

Think a lot about this, and remember it whenever you encounter any bitterness in your life. Keep in mind that Hashem’s Goodness is great. Hashem is constantly sending us help and saving us from all our troubles.

Nosson from Breslov

Based on Alim LeTrufah 28
Written by Ephraim Portnoy
[email protected]

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