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Every “ruble” counts!!! – starting at $18

by breslov.org
Every “ruble” counts!!! – starting at $18

After Rosh HaShanah 1821, Reb Noson began searching for premises that would be large enough to accommodate the growing influx of chassidim who came to Uman for Rosh HaShanah, but it became increasingly difficult to find anywhere suitable. Reb Noson feared that the crowded conditions might deter people from coming in the future, to the point where it might even put an end to the annual Breslov Rosh HaShanah kibbutz.  So many came for Rosh HaShanah, 1829, that Reb Noson saw that there was no choice other than to build their own kloyz. It was a formidable task, not only because of the funds involved but also because of the opposition they were likely to encounter. For some time, Reb Noson wavered about accepting responsibility for the enterprise. He was finally convinced to do so by one of the poorest of the Breslover Chassidim, a Reb Mendel of Ladizin.

Reb Noson had come to Ladizin to rally support from the Breslovers there. Reb Mendel said to him: “Reb Noson, if you don’t take charge of building our own shul, you won’t have accomplished anything.” Reb Noson knew this to be true, and immediately said to Reb Mendel, “If so, you be the one to start the mitzvah — give a contribution towards the building.” Reb Mendel earned his meager living with the work of his own hands.

He ran home, took two rubles — his entire savings — and brought them to Reb Noson. Knowing how poor Reb Mendel was, Reb Noson refused to take the money. Reb Mendel started crying. He pleaded with Reb Noson to have pity on him and not deprive him of the great merit to contribute for such a worthy cause. Reb Noson could no longer refuse (Sichos v’Sipurim p.142).

In order for everyone to have the ability to be a partner in this tremendous project of the Likutey Halakhot, – each according to his desire – we offer a particularly attractive partnership in which anyone, but literally anyone, can join.

Donations begin at $18 per month. You can decide whether to donate $18, $36, $54, $72 or any other multiple of $18.

You determine your level of participation.

Anyone can be a partner!!!

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