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Everything Can Be Transformed

by Yehudis Golshevsky

Hold On! The Narrow Bridge
Meshivat Nefesh #32
Considering the Infinite perfection of the Creator, it would seem as though all of our human failings would make us completely unfit for anything but disregard at best, and punishment at worst. But we know and believe that God is full of mercy, and the universe is suffused with lovingkindness, and that God seeks always the good of His creatures.

Rebbe Nachman used such moving language to encourage us to hold fast to this certainty of God’s benevolence and care:

“Dear reader, my own heart and soul, be strong and trust that God will not abandon you, because everything that you’re going through has been orchestrated for your ultimate good. Rely upon His great, His infinite mercy, for there are no limits to His greatness. It is possible that everything can be transformed into good and even willful sins can turn into merits. Just hold strong…”
God of goodness,
God of kindness,
God of love,
God of mercy…
Please help me to always
see Your kindness
and trust in Your Infinite compassion and love for me.
(Based on Likutey Moharan II:49)

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