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Reb Nosson’s Likutey Tefilot Prayer 57

Charity and Peace

God, inspire me to give much charity to many worthy people. As a result, may peace increase in the world. May we attain a truly complete peacefulness that can express itself so that there will be peace between people, and people will speak words of truth and righteousness with each other in love and amity. May everyone inspire those around him to serve and fear You.

Quickly redeem us and bring our righteous Mashiach. Overcome and destroy the gate of Aram, so that it will fall — one descent after another — and our enemies will plunge down and no longer rise. “They have crouched and fallen, whereas we stand up and are invigorated.” May Israel dwell in surety, alone.”

From the Fiftith Gate
Reb Nosson’s Likutey Tefilot, Volume 3
Translated by Yaacov Dovid Shulman

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