Reb Nosson’s Likutey Tefilot Prayer 44

HaShem my God, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, help me always to pray to You with all my heart and spirit; with powerful intent; with true holiness; with purity and faith; with awe, love and clarity. Free my mind of foreign thoughts. May all my prayers take place on holy ground. May I sanctify the ground on which I stand so that it is as holy as the Land of Israel. Awaken my heart to pray to You with awesome inspiration, until my hands are so invigorated that I raise them up to You and clap them together in joy and wondrous animation for the sake of Your Name alone.

From the Fiftith Gate
Reb Nosson’s Likutey Tefilot, Volume 3
Translated by Yaacov Dovid Shulman

Copyright 2009 (C) The Breslov Research Institute

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