A Sacred Time – Av #6

The very name Av has important connotations. Av means father in Hebrew. We need to muster all our strength to turn to our Father in heaven during this month. On a simple level this means becoming less focused on the demands of the self and remembering that G-d is at the center of the universe, not me. The Talmud tells us that the Temple was destroyed due to gratuitous hatred, and hatred stems from self-focus. It follows that we rebuild it through gratuitous love—through love of the G-dly spark that exists within everyone.

Rabbeinu Bachaya explains that the word Av—spelled alef bet—is an acronym for emunah, faith, and bitachon, trust. We vitalize our emunah during this month through heartfelt prayer. When we feel so close to G-d that we have no worries, no fears, we have reached bitachon.

Heavenly Father! Please show me how to travel the path that leads to emunah and bitachonfaith and trust. Help me forgo all fears and worry, and instead make use of all of my challenges to build emunah and bitachon.

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  1. Gary Tolchinsky Reply

    I find that even if I have some degree of faith/trust, I still feel
    anxious because I’m afraid of physical/emotional/spiritual pain etc.,
    even if I know that it comes from G-D’s love for me and
    my ultimate spiritual good. So the serentity that should come
    from closeness to G-D seems to at least sometimes elude
    me. Any ideas how to deal with this?:)….Gary

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