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Fiftieth Gate Volume 4 – Waiting For Your Help

by breslov.org

The Breslov Research Institute is happy to announce that we have now typeset volume four of Likutey Teffilot called the Fiftieth Gate in our bilingual English-Hebrew Edition, and it is now ready for print. The cost of this project was over $12,000 and to date no one has come forth to sponsor any part of it. There remains $6,000 in expenses to be paid out and we would like to offer a generous donor the chance to not only grab the mitzvah for this remaining amount but also the ability to exclusively dedicate this book in honor or memory of a loved one. If you would like to come forward and help, please use either our donate form (PayPal or credit card and tax-deductable) or email our office.

Thank you so much, may it be HaShem’s will that we are able to continue to translate all of Rebbe Nachman’s great works.

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