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Filled With Joy

by Yehudis Golshevsky

Hold On! Doing the Work
Meshivat Nefesh #49

While it’s true that God’s infinite light extends throughout every single part of creation, there are places where it’s very hard to discover.

Rebbe Nachman taught that, in just such places and situations and states of mind, the loftiest light is available…as long as we work hard enough to discover it.

King David said, “Fortunate is the one who doesn’t forget You, and the person who struggles in You.” What is he talking about? King David is talking about doing the work, struggling against the darkness of forgetting God in those distant place. “Fortunate” also means “happy” in Hebrew. When you tap into the light of God that is also hidden there, it fills you with joy.
My Creator,
I need so much strength sometimes
for this work of seeking You out
in the places where You’re so very hidden.
Please fill me with steadfastness,
courage, and energy
to do this work…
Because it’s really the work of all the worlds.
(Likutey Halachot, Hilchot Netilat Yadayim Shacharit 4:11)

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