Fire Of Breslov Burns Bright At KGH Kumzitz

Fire Of Breslov Burns Bright At KGH Kumzitz

To mark the 178th yahrzeit of Rebbe Nosson z”l of Breslov, Reb Chaim Kramer ensured the continuing legacy and fire of Bresolv with words of inspiration this past Sunday evening, January 8, at Rabbi and Rebbetzin Yehuda Zakutinsky’s Hasheyvanu of Kew Gardens Hills. The program began with a Chinese buffet and concluded with a leibidig kumzitz led by Reb Yosef Karduner, who entertained with authentic songs. The men and boys joined hand-in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder, igniting the fire of Breslov ever so fierce. A group of women and girls also privately held hands in joyful spirits.

Shimmy Idels, the event sponsor together with his wife Sorolle, opened the program. “Tonight’s event is being sponsored lilu nishmas our cousin Moti Kest, Mordechai Zvi ben Yitzchak Elimelech z”l, whose first yahrzeit was last week.” Kest always thought of others and made a tremendous impact on the Jewish community of Los Angeles, serving at the forefront of his community’s Hatzalah service, as well as volunteer efforts with Magen Am and Bike 4 Chai. Moti was zoche to complete Shas, a moment that surely brought joy to his parents, wife, children, and grandchildren. On his love for music, musician Eitan Katz commented, “I’ll never forget how, even in his sick and weak state, he picked up the bongo and started playing along as we sang the nigun of Ki Keil Melech.”

“Hevei dan es kal adam l’kaf z’chus” reads the g’morah in Shabbos 127b — He who judges his fellow man favorably and gives him the benefit of the doubt, will in turn be judged favorably. Rebbe Nosson, the esteemed student of Rebbe Nachman from Breslov, teaches that “es kol adam” means to also judge yourself favorably. It is important to focus on the good within yourself.

Oftentimes, there are situations in life that knock us down. Still, every day, when we awake, we must become aware, and focus on our lives and on Hashem. We can always restart… even multiple times each day.

BRI – Breslov Research Institute sends its warm thanks and appreciation to Saraleh and Shimy Idels for arranging this amazing event and shining the light of Rabeinu to queens.

(The article is courtesy of Queen Jewish Link Website)