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For Those With Little Or No Breslov Knowledge

by Yossi Katz

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The following is a suggested sequence by which to approach the works of Breslover Chassidut. Three separate schedules have been provided, based on your background in Judaism in general, and your ability to understand Hebrew texts. What is common to all three is the recitation of the prayers in Likutey Tefilot, (translated as “The Fiftieth Gate” but we recommend starting with the selections included in “The Flame of the Heart“) as these heartfelt prayers will open the way to all the rest.

1) Rebbe Nachman & You

2) Crossing the Narrow Bridge

3) Azamra, Ayeh

4) Outpouring of the Soul

5) Tsohar, Mayim

6) Restore My Soul

7) Where Earth and Heaven Kiss

8) Healing Leaves

9) Hidden Treasures

10) Rabbi Nachman’s Tikkun