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Freeing Ourselves from the Filth of Egypt

by breslov.org

The main way to achieve purity from the filth of Egypt is by cleansing ourselves from the sexual impurity which taints our minds and our intellect. The essential approach to cleansing ourselves of sexual flaws is by purifying our thoughts. We must guard ourselves at least from now on not think outsides the boundaries of holiness. Even if we have already crossed that border G-d forbid, it is in our hands to steer our minds back in the right direction by thinking of a different positive thought. Automatically our thoughts will stay within their proper confine because it is impossible to have two thoughts at once. We must always be careful about this, from the beginning of the day until we go to sleep at night. Don’t allow your mind to even begin heading in a negative direction. If it already has started going there, force it away with a different thought. Because a thought has a specific measurement to it, it is impossible to have two thoughts at once (for there is only so much that can fit into a fixed measurement.) This is the idea of counting the Omer (the Omer was also of a specific measurement) as explained later…

Based on Reb Noson, Likutey Halachos

Translated by Yossi Katz
Breslov Research Institute

© Copyright 2009 Breslov Research Institute

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A Simple Jew March 19, 2009 - 4:23 pm

Keep up all the great translations! Although I know it would be a MONUMENTAL undertaking, BRI should put out a English/Hebrew Likutey Halachos.


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