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G-d Takes Pride in YOU

by Yehudis Golshevsky

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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…

Reb Nosson wrote: “Accept that everything that is said in Rebbe Nachman’s holy books about the great pride and joy that G-d takes in each and every Jew, no matter his level, applies also to you!”
(Healing Leaves, p. 58)


What does this mean to me?

The prophet Isaiah said in G-d’s Name: “Yisrael, in whom I am glorified.” The great pride and joy that G-d takes in each and every Jew is founded on our potential to reveal G-d’s presence in the humble world of action, through the unique pathways of the mitzvos themselves. G-d created the universe so that He would have a dwelling place in the lower worlds. He wanted to have partners here—us—who willingly act to demonstrate that His Kingship extends all the way down to the place where His presence is concealed. This is what makes us His pride and joy; may G-d help us to fulfill our potential.


A prayer:

Help me always
to recognize Your great love,
O G-d.
Your love is beyond measure or limit;
nevertheless You “constricted” Your G-dliness
and clothed Your love in the holy Torah
and its precepts…
Each of Your precepts
is a holy channel through which
You may be perceived.
(The Flame of the Heart, p. 92)

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Such profound thoughts. I thank you.

A gentile friend lost a beloved daughter several years ago. I gave him the Empty Chair. He carried it with him wherever he went for a very long time….perhaps to this day. Reb Nachman’s words were a tremendous comfort to him.

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