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Gan Eden or Gehinom, It’s Up to Us

by Dovid Mark

Rebbe Nachman teaches in lesson 191 in Likutey Moharan that a yid can be sitting and be so connected, so absorbed with the Creator and his Torah that he is sitting in Gan Eden, while he friend sitting only inches away feels nothing.

We already know that Rebbe Nachman teaches that this world, with all of its problems -both spiritual and physical is an aspect of Gehinom, unless one lives totally connected to God.


The key point is that our reality is a projection of our da’as – knowledge or consciousness and each one of us has his or her own relationship to it. This means two people can exist, side by side, and experience two completely different worlds – the choice is theirs. This is exactly why two people never have the same conception of God.

The Tzaddik Emes Has No Boundaries in His Heart

The Tzaddik, the true Tzaddik’s heart is so big that it is boundless.  It is so full of love that it feels for everyone.  Just like a king rules and feels for people, the Tzaddik’s connection and concern for all people is infinite, his heart his rooted in the supernal worlds.

It is this Tzaddik, which lives with such emunah – faith that Gan Eden is real, even in this world that he can expand his da’as Hashem everywhere including into Gan Eden.  Each one of us, having a nekudah – a point of the Tzaddik within, can achieve an aspect of this level, but we have to open our hearts to Hashem our Creator and his Torah. In this sense we can chooses between experiencing our world through the eyes of Gehinom or the heart of Gan Eden.

We should be blessed to choose the latter.



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