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Get A Free Esther + Big Book Sale

by breslov.org

Get ready for Purim! Purchase any of the combo/sets below and receive 25% off your order plus a free copy of BRI’s Esther: Rebbe Nachman on Purim.

Likutey Moharan Set 

Pirkey Avot + Abridged Likutey Moharan

Rebbe Nachman’s Torah Set

4 Volume Fiftieth Gate Prayer Set 

Between me & You: Prayers for Women + Entering the Light: Prayers for Shabat and the Festivals 

Anatomy of the Soul + Through Fire & Water: Bio of Rebbe Nosson

Breslov Haggadah + Through Fire & Water  

Anatomy of the Soul + Breslov Haggadah

Use the couple code: sendmeafreeesther and then click to update the total at checkout, order using any of the above combos/sets and you will automatically be shipped the Esther book.


Take 15% off your total of $50 or more and receive a free Esther.

Use code: sendmeafreeesther15

Happy shopping from the BRI Online Bookstore!




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