Getting What You Want — Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies

Rebbe Nachman explains that our will, our desire, is essential to getting what we want. Also, our thoughts are essential too, they create our reality. Both our will and our thoughts work hand in hand.

Several years ago, secular books began to be published that illustrated the concept that whatever you’re focused on, that’s what you’re going to attract. This became known as various things, including the law of attraction.

The truth is, there’s a bit of wisdom in these secular chochmas. There’s a drop of truth in these secular wisdoms. But what’s missing from the equation is its Jewish essence—we need to desire something that’s worthy of us, something that’s truly worthy of us, we individuals with a spark of the Divine inside. Because when we desire something and focus our thoughts on it, if it’s not worthy of us, we won’t be satisfied with it.

Which is why so many people, for example athletes running a marathon or celebrities, as soon as they receive an award, as soon as they get their big win, they immediately crash and start working on something else. They can’t even enjoy the win. They rush onto the next thing. Or, they get depressed. They drink or do drugs. They self-destruct.

However, when a person’s desire is holy and it is appropriate and it suits the beautiful neshamah, the beautiful soul that we have inside, and then we achieve whatever it is we desire, our soul is satisfied. Delightfully satisfied. And if the neshama wants more, it’s not because it wasn’t satisfied, but because it has been elevated, and now is ready for a higher spiritual achievement.

Throughout his teachings, Rebbe Nachman teaches us not only how to achieve, but he teaches us how and what to desire, and together, the how and the what create a very meaningful life.

May you have a day in which you achieve desires that truly satisfy your soul.

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