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In Likutey Moharan, Rebbe Nachman takes a phrase or a sentence from Torah wisdom and reveals mystical and kabbalistic explanations. He does a psycho-spiritual analysis of the Holy words. And then he teaches us how to tap into the energy of those words in order to change our lives.

In Tehillim 146, King David says, “A’ Halelah Hashem b’chayay, azamra Elokay b’odee”. I will praise Hashem with my life, and I will sing to my G-d with the little bit of existence that I have left in me. You might be familiar with the second part of that verse but there’s a famous lesson (LM 66) in which Rebbe Nachman explains somethings about the first part.

He says, the explanation of, “I will praise Hashem with my life”, means, specifically, I will be able to praise Hashem with my life; my own life. The life that is uniquely mine, because I’m not dependent on any other human being for their approval or permission.

He explains that, when someone is dependent on other human beings his life really isn’t his own. He can’t be honest about who he is. He’s worried that he’s going to appear a certain way to people. He can’t be true to his good inclination, which really is to explore and connect to the Creator.

Instead, he’s worried about what he’s going to get from others. Maybe they won’t pay him money. Maybe they won’t pay him compliments. Maybe they won’t give him respect.

When we are able to praise Hashem with our lives, however, when we’re able to talk to Hashem honestly about everything, especially, how much good He’s doing for us…when we are able to see this and to pray, and to open up, and to speak what’s on our minds and in our hearts honestly, we’re independent. We’re free. We’re truly liberated. This is what it means to have a life.

May you have a day where you’re beholden to no one but your truth.

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Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

Chaya Rivka in her own words: What do we want? To feel less pain and more optimism. To be happy and lead meaningful lives. This all requires healthy relationships. If we learn, share, and live his teachings, Rebbe Nachman gives us real, practical tools to improve all our relationships—with G-d, with ourselves, and with each other. Chaya Rivka Zwolinski “discovered” Rebbe Nachman in her late thirties and credits his profound wisdom with helping her make a 180 degree-turn in life. She loves sharing Breslov teachings with women in her classes and workshops. Chaya Rivka has written books; writes articles for,,, and numerous other publications; is a consultant to Breslov Research Institute; and is the director of curriculum and program marketing at She lives with her family in Brooklyn, NY.

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