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Having It All

by Yehudis Golshevsky
Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…
For today’s piece, I’d like to just share a longer selection from Reb Nosson’s letters, since I find that it helps me so much. You’ll see, any further comments from me would just be superfluous…

“I have studied the ways of the world: it is clear to me that if a person wants to focus on what is lacking, he will always lack very much. For even the richest and most powerful people still feel they lack a great many things they believe are necessities. On the other hand, if a person remembers that all he has is a gift he has not earned, that man came naked from his mother’s womb and everything he has is his only because of G-d’s great kindness, then he can be truly happy with his lot, even if he has no more than a torn cloak and patched shoes, G-d forbid. How much more should he rejoice if he has a some other old garment, even one made of thick rough cloth!

“When it comes to serving G-d, a person must be looking constantly for opportunities to rise ever higher. Still, when he sees that he is going through a difficult time, he must not despair—he should encourage himself with every last good point that is in him.”

(Healing Leaves, p. 92)

A prayer:
“In my calling out, answer me, my G-d;
In the narrows of my trouble, You broadened the way for me.
Have compassion and hear my prayer.”
Master of the universe, full of mercy, who is good and who does good to all,
help me and open my eyes and heart and mind
so that I will always be able to focus on the good
and on the openings that You provide for me even within the narrows of my trouble.
These openings are what give me life and keep me going even in my hardships,
In all that I suffer in my soul and in my body,
which surround me so much, it’s as though I have no room to maneuver or escape.
Even so, Your lovingkindness is always with me, constantly,
and without it I would not be able to go on at all.
Help me, then, to always see all of the good that You are doing for me,
because this is what brings me to rejoice in You,
and strengthens me to keep on praying to You, no matter what.

(From Likutei Tefillot, I:133)


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