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Hear My Personal Story – Yossi Katz

by Yossi Katz
Hear My Personal Story – Yossi Katz

Wishing you Chanukah Sameach!

As you know, we’re in the final days of 2014, a year in which your support was crucial to helping BRI accomplish vital projects. Some of these include:

Creating BreslovCampus.org—the world’s first, live, free, online Breslov yeshiva! We went live with our first semester with five incredible courses—and we had over 500 enrolled in our program!

Distributing Breslov books to Israeli soldiers (and their families) during Operation Protective Edge.

Publishing the first-ever Breslov English-Hebrew Weekday Siddur

Publishing “Ish Tevunah Yidlena” – the Hebrew volume to be translating as part of our upcoming Breslov Kabbalah Series

But although this year was one of important achievements, 2015 promises even more. That’s why there couldn’t be a more exciting—or vital—time for you to support BRI.

Here are a few highlights for the coming year:

1. BreslovCampus.org: We are now ready to expand by adding more teachers, classes, special events and workshops. Help us share Rebbe Nachman’s teachings with potentially tens of thousands of students worldwide.

2. The Breslov Shabbat & Festival Siddur: Transforming our prayers into a conversation with G-d.

3. Likutey Halakhot: Reb Noson’s magna opus. Uncover the deeper meaning behind Halakha (Jewish law) and discover the code to living a meaningful spiritual life.

There are many other publishing dedication opportunities including: Earning a Living – Earning a Life – Rebbe Nachman on earning a livelihood; The Breslov Kabbalah Series; Fiftieth Gate 6 (Likutey Tefilot); Rebbe Nachman on Psalms, II; and more.

Your contribution is essential to BRI’s mission: To spread the authentic, life-changing teachings of Rebbe Nachman in English and other languages.

I’d like to ask you to take a few moments to contribute to Breslov Research Institute (BRI). It only takes a couple of minutes to make a difference that will last a year, and bring you merits that will last a lifetime and beyond.


Thank you for partnering with us in this all-important mission. May HaShem shower His blessings upon you.



Yossi Katz

U.S. Executive Director

Breslov Research Institute 501(c)(3)

P.S. Fortunately, US tax laws offer meaningful incentives to give to not-for-profit organizations—so take advantage of the deductions you’ll receive by giving generously to BRI’s sensational programs today!