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Help! I Can’t Make A Decision — Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies

by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

Did this every happen to you?

You have a decision to make. You’re not sure which direction to go in. You go back and forth in your mind. You weigh all the possibilities.

Finally, you make what seems like the best decision. And then, a short while later, doubts creep in. You begin to worry that your decision isn’t the right one. Maybe even new facts come to light. Suddenly, you’re on slippery ground.

Rebbe Nachman says this happens to all of us at one time or another. He tells us it’s really easy to give advice to other people, and really, really hard to give advice to ourselves.

We need to hear the advice of others. But we should ask people for advice who have not only intelligence, but also genuine Torah wisdom and  knowledge. People whose main focus is to try and align with what Hashem wants. People who we feel we can talk to, and get advice that’s not only materially correct but also spiritually correct.

Even then, no one can be 100 percent sure that the advice they follow and the decision they make is the right one. What we can do is ask Hashem that our decision be the right one, and if not, let at least our motivation be correct.

May you have a day in which you don’t find it difficult to make decisions, and a day in which if you need advice, you get the best possible advice.*

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*Don’t forget–before you make any decision it’s also important to talk to Hashem in your own words (hitbodedut) about the choice ahead of you.

Today’s mini-lesson is dedicated for a refuah sheleimah for Moshe Pesachya ben Pessel Sarah.



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