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Hey Brother, It’s Time to Wake Up

by Gidi Ronen

(Transcribed, translated, and edited by David Mark)

Every revelation of the Creator in every Jew is only in his thoughts. These thoughts which exist in the mind, these are tools or vessels.   If these thoughts are good then the Creator will directly reveal himself within the person, but if these thoughts are fallen and broken then Hashem is not able to reveal himself within the person.

Everyone has a problem with paying attention and concentrating. Why? Because our brains are broken.

So what does the Tzaddik want to do with us?

The Tzaddik comes to us to focus us in a spiritual manner so we look at only one thing in our lives.

What is this one thing?

We understand, that here we have borrowed time. We won’t remain here at all. Very soon we will leave here. Beyond this there is a completely different place. It is lit up with a light with everything we bring from here that belongs there.

You don’t understand? 

That is because the Tzaddik has not started working with you yet. The Tzaddik works with everyone who chooses to draw close to him, by putting into them this memory.  

So what is this memory?

This memory can be compared to one that has a dream, but when they wake up in the morning the dream has been forgotten, until suddenly something happens during the day and they remember the dream.

All of us have had this sort of feeling.

This world, this is sleeping.  Our lives, are essentially asleep. The actual dream we dreamt; this is the dream that you and I recognize from before our souls came down to this world.

The Tzaddik has the power and capability to remind the person of the thing he doesn’t even remember. He can do what we are not able to.  He can tell us the world that we came from, to it we are going to return.

This is not a new concept in and of itself.  Many Holy Books speak about this. We came from there – we are returning to there. But we remain asleep.  We don’t really believe it in our hearts.

Do you understand what kind of hibernation and sleep each one of us is in?

The Tzaddik has the power to penetrate our hearts and remind us.

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