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Hisbodedus Creating your own unique path | Tinyana Lesson 97

by Shaya Sussman

In this class we discuss how a person can create their own unique path in life through personal prayer. This is a text based class.

Hishtapchus Hanefesh Intro
Lekutey Maharan Tinyana Lesson 97
Sichos Haran Lesson 234

Topics Discussed:
Rebbe Nachman’s path was old and new.
The lost princess.
Creating on your own path through personal prayer.
Hashem listens to every word.
Hisbodedus can change the hardest of hearts.
Rabbi Akiva, Sefira & Lag Ba’omer

Tazria Metsora Parsha Connection: After looking at the world in a superficial manner Hisbodedus is what brings the person back to health.

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