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Hitbodedut & Self Knowledge: Live at the JCC Manhattan

by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

This coming Sunday, January 27th, join BRI Women’s Chaya Rivka Zwolinski at the JCC Manhattan for:

Hitbodedut: Learning Who You Really Are through Rebbe Nachman’s Prayerful Approach to Self-Knowledge  

Most believe self-knowledge is essential, but many question if it’s really possible and wonder about the best way to achieve it. Introspection, which “relies on one’s explanatory theories of self and the world” is considered to be one way you can come to know yourself. But there is another pathway called outrospection – the process of learning about yourself through relationship with others.

This is the 18th century Hasidic master Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s primary approach to self-knowledge. He teaches that by developing a meaningful relationship with the Creator via the meditative prayer practice called hitbodedut, you can find yourself in the reflection of this primal bond. Learn how Rebbe Nachman’s method can be the first step towards resolving anxiety and confusion in the search for self-understanding, as well as experiencing compassionate personal agency.

To register or for more information visit the JCC Kabbalah Day page. This annual event will feature other teachers including Rabbi DovBer Pinson (Iyun Center), Rabbi Naftali Citron (Carlebach Shul), musician Noah Solomon (SoulFarm), and more. Mixed seating.

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