Hold On! The Children of Kings

Hold On! The Children of Kings
Meshivat Nefesh #56

In one of Rebbe Nachman’s longer tales, “The Exchanged Children,” we learn that the soul can be compared to a true prince who was exchanged at birth with the child of servants. In the story, the true prince spends his formative years going through one trial after another…but it’s through all of those challenges that his true nature is revealed and he regains his rightful place in the world.

Reb Nosson wrote that most people made the mistake of thinking that they’re just “regular people,” or even worse, that their soul is somehow damaged goods, and that’s why they find it so difficult to realize their spiritual goals.

The truth is that every Jew is a child of the King, and his inner essence is filled with the most beautiful qualities and potential. Great people didn’t become great because they were necessarily made of different stuff than we are. Their greatness came from the effort that they put in to developing their innate potential…and their refusal to be deterred, no matter how far they sometimes felt from their goal.

Infinite One,
Please help me to remember
that I, too, went through the “chamber of exchanges.”
My inner essence comes directly from You,
my Father, my King,
and I have it within me to live
as Your own child can and should.
All of my trials
are designed to allow my inner qualities to develop
and to shine
with Your own light.
(LH Hilchot Birchat HaShachar 3:6)