Holding On And Holding Strong

Holding On And Holding Strong

Just wanted to share some powerful anecdotes which can possibly help each of us hold on throughout the trials of life, until we gain the upper hand:

-The greatest comfort in life is to know that you tried your best. Once you reach this point, all that’s left to do is to simply thank Hashem for all the good and benevolence that Has bestowed to you

-Life doesn’t stay the same. It might get better or… but it doesn’t stay the same. One must be simple in one’s approach in life dealing with issues as they pop up, but with hope that change will definitely happen.

-If you hold on and don’t give up – then all your stumbling and transgressions and downs can be transformed into merits.

-If you look back you will notice that you made it this far and Hashem never abandoned even in the tightest situations. So, why let go now in the present situation? You have “proof” that He has helped in the past.

-When it comes to monetary matters, the goal of emuna and trust in Hashem is to reconnect to Him “above time and above space”. This connection allows one to receive the Divine blessing at its source. This is through prayer!

-The main purpose of life is to search for the Truth, the Real Truth. One must “unmask” the true reality of life.

-Just remember, how many worlds did Hashem have to turn upside down until finally sending you a “hint” of salvation, by pointing you in the direction to proceed for your ultimate spiritual freedom!!! Have patience, for complete salvation/recovery takes time due to the deep levels of impurtiy we have fallen into.

-When not knowing what exactly to do – all you can do then is simply turn your eyes Heavenwards and simply ask Hashem: “guide me along your Truth which is the Real Truth, since I don’t know what it is”.

-There are good days and there are so-called “bad days” but they are both part of the picture and both necessary for coming closer to Hashem. The light of the good days fills up the “vessels” made by the deep constrictions of the “bad days”. Without these vessels there is no place to put this over-dosage of light.

-Prayer really works! Reb Noson once remarked: the surest way to see results of your prayers is to daven for the specific item 40 days straight!

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