1.       Even a person who is so steeped in sin and in a pursuit of lust can separate himself from his evil ways by simply sighing out of regret for his evil deeds.

The act of sighing – especially out of regret – exhales the “evil air/influence” and inhales a more purer air/influence into a person. Thus, even if a person can’t say any retort to Hashem, he can at least let out a sigh.

2.       Regarding one’s personal struggles and difficulties in serving Hashem – remember that there are 2 factors: one’s personal deficiencies and also having to bear the load of the deficiencies of the generation. A personal and a national level in one’s struggles.

3.       Consistency in two specific items have the power to totally extract a person from all levels of impurity – immersion in a Mikveh and Torah study.

4.       When a person is suddenly overwhelmed with impure thoughts – know that his overcoming them is his main rectification of his past misdeeds in blemishing the Covenant. It is really a gift in disguise instead of having to go through more severe forms of torture!

5.       Viewing life with Emuna-Faith demands of a person to believe that no is really yes, and that yes is really no. I.e. that what you “see” with your physical eyes is not the true reality.

6.       A person can’t excuse himself that he cannot find Hashem in his life. Even if a person falls to sin – even there it is possible to find Hashem “hinting” to him to come back and reconnect!

7.       According to how much a person’s faith is broken, so too does he need to seek out deeper counsel and advice to come back and rectify his faith. Thus the search for true advice in life is a serious search that requires the greatest self-sacrifice to attain.

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