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Holding On In Life – No Matter What

by Meir Elkabas

1. The search for the “real truth” is basically tapping into Hashem’s “Divine Countenance”. Just as His Countenance is the strongest and most protective force in creation, so too the person who is simply and honestly looking for the real truth is in a sense protected from all evil and falsehood. You have nothing to be afraid of!!!

2. Hashem, the Tzaddikim and the Torah offer guidelines for those looking for the Truth and for those looking for the “real” Truth. It depends on what you are looking for. For a person is led upon the path “he” wishes to take.

3. The main test at the end of this long exile is the test of Emuna/Faith. In basically every area of life you are being tested to see if you truly believe that Hashem is truly watching over you and that He truly cares about you, and if you also truly believe in the value of your good points. 

The main way to strengthen one’s Emunah/Faith is through verbally expressing one’s Emunah in speech, saying that yes, I do believe that Hashem cares, I do believe that my good points are “part of the big picture” and that the statements of the Sages – especially their words of encouragement – are 100% true and that they apply even to “little and insignificant” me!

4. Remember one thing – the evil one is mainly concerned with getting you in a dejected, depressed, futility state-of-mind, since that is the key to a person’s total downfall. One must pray a lot to see through the schemes of the evil one and know that this is his ulterior motive. Don’t be swayed with his guilt-convincing arguments that you really are of no value, God Forbid.

5. When a person is being pursued by the evil one – it is only because he knows your true potential and therefore is trying to thwart it. Thus, use reverse psychology – I am being so knocked out by the evil side because I am truly special and important in Hashem’s eyes and my true potential that lies beneath my skin is truly great.

The attack itself shows us how truly great we are, because if we were really a nobody and a reject like we really “think and imagine” we are, the Yetzer HoRah/evil inclination  wouldn’t invest so much time in attacking me. So… cheer up lad! And don’t let the depression attacks have the upper hand. Just get back up (a nice hint to drink “7-up”) and keep on going.


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