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How To Break Through

by Yehudis Golshevsky
How To Break Through

Hold On! – Meshivat Nefesh #7

Break On Through

There are natural obstacles that I face as I stand at the cusp of new spiritual growth, a kind of arousal of old patterns and behavior that can throw me off course. Rebbe Nachman shared that getting through the doorway into a new state of mind and heart can require some further help.

Giving charity to a worthy person can be just what I need to do to break on through.

Why? Because charity is my way of concretizing and demonstrating my awareness that G-d’s involvement in creation extends absolutely everywhere, to absolutely everyone. It helps to shatter the concealment of the Divine presence.

When I do something to chip away at the prevailing non-awareness of G-d in the greater world, I find that my internal obstacles to reaching a new level of awareness of G-d begin to move aside.

Beloved Creator,
Here I am, on the verge of some new level in my life,
but I’m still stuck outside.
I know that I want to grow,
that I can change and live in greater harmony with You,
but sometimes I still feel like I’m going to be stranded here forever,
knocking at the same door.
Please help me to carry out this precious piece of advice,
to give generously to worthy people.
I trust that when I help to remove the veils of concealment in the world,
You’ll also help to remove the obstacles that keep me from You. (Based on Likutei Moharan I:24)

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