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I Want To Be Free

by Dovid Mark

Within the constant struggles and obstacles we face in this world there are moments when the yearning to be more than we are surfaces. We desire to have a real relationship with the Creator and yet, we are lost in a sea of doubt on how to move forward on our journey of self discovery and authenticity.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that one should speak with the Creator as one does with a friend or a parent.

We need space and quiet for this and yet our prayers draw the forces of obstruction and distraction that seek to cloud our direct communication with the Divine. Ultimately we prevail. However, our prayers are not without their own struggles. The silence of solitude we long for when we pray is the opening in the darkness that surrounds us. The light that peaks in through the cracks in the confusion is our salvation, paving the way for our conversation to take hold.

“I want to be free!” Each one of us screams silently to our Creator. We want to be free of confusion, hate, and despair that have flooded our world and our lives.

Can a simple act of conversation with Divine Infinite change our course and release each one of us from the prison we find ourselves in?


This is the only way forward. To speak is to release and to become transformed into the being we are meant to be.

Rebbe Nachman teaches the following in the fifth lesson in Likutey Moharan:

“The entire world was created only for my sake” (Sanhedrin 37a). Consequently, because the world was created for my sake, I must constantly look into and consider ways of making the world better; to provide what is missing in the world and pray on its behalf.

The world is a product of our prayers.  Each one of us has a unique role in this endeavor.  When we realize this, we can be free of all of those struggles – those confusions that have held us back and become who we are meant to be.

(Based on Likutey Moharan lessons 5 and 9; Likutey Moharan 2 lessons 25 and 99)

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