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Introducing BreslovCampus.Org

by Yossi Katz

Have Rebbe Nachman’s teachings changed your life? They certainly have changed mine.

The Rebbe’s profound, practical and empowering answers to life’s questions are perhaps the most underused resource in the Jewish world today.

But shouldn’t this challenge us to ask, “Have I shared this wisdom with those who’ve never experienced the joys of our spiritual tradition?”

And what about those like ourselves who are fortunate enough to know about the Rebbe, but our access has been limited to books? Aren’t we all also yearning for real-life teachers who can guide us through the Rebbe’s texts while answering our vital questions?

Thankfully, in our “global village,” every Jew is but one click away from discovering the essential spiritual part of their lives that they’ve been seeking.

That’s why we are launching BreslovCampus.org and creating a contemporary, user-friendly online learning environment where all Jews can learn and grow – for free.

BreslovCampus.org will provide access to some of the most dynamic and qualified Breslov teachers in the world. Our living-classroom format, will feature both real-time discussions and a messaging system, so that our teachers will be able to interact directly with you.

Our first semester is scheduled for fall, 2014. And, BreslovCampus.org urgently needs your help to make this virtual learning experience a reality!

So please, sponsor a class, sponsor a course, or sponsor a semester—and dedicate the learning to a loved one’s honor or memory. Your dedication will be featured on the BreslovCampus.org website and announced by the teacher at the beginning of each class.

As we count down towards Shavuot, the celebration of the giving of the Torah and the birth of the Jewish nation, a modest investment in technology is all that stands in the way of expanding global access to the invaluable and absolutely unique resource of Rebbe Nachman.


Rabbi Yossi Katz Executive Director BRI, USA

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Download (PDF, 329KB)



מאמרים קשורים


yaakov May 14, 2014 - 8:02 pm

yashar koach gadol, may Hashem bless and strengthen all your efforts with success to reach students with the amazing teachings of rebbe nachman!

Shlomo Phillips July 9, 2014 - 11:11 pm

We are very excited about the new school and look forward to its launch. Thank you for all the wonderful things you offer! For those of us who live far away from any Breslov communities this is truly a dream come true.


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